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Additional i -process yields could help narrow this down.

These considerations are based on small number statistics, and the cuts between the CEMP classes need to be confirmed for a larger sample. Several studies have proposed that Sr could be formed by both a heavy and light process e. Bona PD-A128

This is in good agreement with Hansen et al. Bona PD-A128 note of caution when comparing abundances derived from spectra of various quality and resolution should be made.

Virological and Cellular Roles of the Transcriptional Coactivator LEDGF/p75

Several studies have dealt with both high- and moderate-resolution spectra and have found differences in abundances derived from these when analysing the same stars Caffau et al. When comparing Bona PD-A128 abundances to those derived in for example Placco et al. However, by using our list of clean Fe lines, this difference can be reduced. Alternatively, it might be worth reducing the stellar metallicities derived from moderate-resolution metal-poor spectra if their abundances are to be compared to those with high-resolution metallicities.


In order to investigate the orbital histories Bona PD-A128 CEMP stars, we first cross-identified their coordinates with the second data release DR2 of Gaia Gaia Collaborationwhich yielded the required five-parameter astrometric solution in terms of position, Bona PD-A128 motions, and parallaxes. The latter were considered in terms of the prior-free, Bayesian distance estimates of Bailer-Jones et al. Using the radial velocities derived above, we backwards-integrated the stellar orbits for 12 Gyr in a Galactic potential accounting for a logarithmic halo and spherical bulge Fellhauer et al.

This neglects the warp and flare of the outer disc e. Momany et al.

  • Complete method for rhythmical articulation
  • 1. Introduction

Here, we note an overlap of three objects from our sample with the latter comparison samples, which naturally led to the same cross-match with Gaia. Figure 8 shows the resulting orbital parameters for our present sample and the comparison stars, namely peri- and apocentre distances R Bona PD-A128R apomaximum height above the plane Z maxBona PD-A128 orbital eccentricity e. Derived orbital parameters of the present and comparison samples, separated by the chemical sub-groups. Large, filled symbols are data from this work, while small filled symbols refer to the sample of Hansen et al. Finally, the comparison stars of Hansen et al.


We also computed the Bona PD-A128 specific orbital energy i. As L z is a conserved quantity in axisymmetric potentials, its combination with the orbital energy also a constant in the Lindblad diagram of Fig.

Virological and Cellular Roles of the Transcriptional Coactivator LEDGF/p75

This proves particularly valuable if groups of stars are to be associated with an accretion origin Bona PD-A128 disrupted satellites e. Roederer et al.

As an Bona PD-A128 population of stars in binaries, the CEMP- s stars are unlikely to exhibit any correlations, and indeed no obvious clumping in Fig. The same holds for the CEMP-no stars, arguing in favour of them originating from early, proto-halo enrichment phases without any coherent orbital histories.

Micropace MP BONA PC POWER SUPPLY : PartsSource

All of the stars are bound to the Milky Way, as their orbital energies are less than zero. Lindblad diagram Bona PD-A128 the same stars as in the previous figures. Finally, Fig.

This diagram is an often-used diagnostics tool to kinematically separate the Galactic components e. Bensby et al. Toomre diagram using the same symbols as Bona PD-A128 Fig. Here, we adopted the criterion of Koppelman et al.

Metodo completo per la divisione (Bona, Pasquale)

Kordopatis et al. In order to investigate the origin and properties of the various classes of metal-poor stars, Table 7 lists the fractions Bona PD-A128 stars in each class satisfying certain orbital and kinematic constraints.


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