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Music Asus A2L Notebook Your Ears, or Nails on a Blackboard? Asus have given this laptop a shocker of a feature, a Asus A2L Notebook W subwoofer built into the chassis giving the laptop a 2. Although the laptop does have a subwoofer, deep bass sounds don t come out as rich as they do compared to a normal set of speakers, and the sound like with most laptops sounds a bit tinny, but not overly tinny nothing that a good tweak in a graphic equalizer can t sort out. So overall the sound on the laptop isn t unbearably bad. The drive sounds fondly like a piece of hardware that is missing here, a floppy drive, when you insert a disk and Windows starts looking for an autorun.

If you have the laptop on a sturdy desk, then you ll easily be able to feel the Asus A2L Notebook spinning up and spinning down through the keyboard while you work, it s not terribly noisy, but if a room is very quiet it might get you some attention. Keys, Keys, Keys The keyboard is a dream to use, the keys feel just right and it is easy to make the swap from a full-size desktop keyboard to this keyboard.


There are however 2 problems with it: I ve often found myself, when touch-typing to end up hitting the key instead of return. The Fn key is positioned right Asus A2L Notebook to Ctrl so in the likes of Photoshop and this review I have been pushing Fn rather than Ctrl to some degree of Asus A2L Notebook. The touch pad is very nice to use, though I would recommend using the supplied mouse which makes life far easier. Having said that, Asus have added a tilt switch to the middle of the 2 touchpad buttons, allowing you to scroll through documents and web pages.


Waiter, Another Battery Please! Although I have no clue about the capacity or weight of the battery that Asus gives you, I do know that this laptop does eat through it fairly rapidly. Super Performance mode is only available when you plug the laptop into an electricity outlet and is automatically selected when you Asus A2L Notebook in the laptop to an outlet. Getting Hot in Here One thing to tell you about this laptop, it s not lap friendly, if you have it on your lap for anything more than 10 minutes the heat will be killing your legs though peering through the exhaust at the back you can see why, there is a mass of copper heatsink sitting there having a field day.

It's the first time Asus A2L Notebook notebook has 5 USB ports, which are located in different places at that.

This is one of the best configurations I've ever seen. Let's see if it is really convenient to use it. Operation, ergonomics There is nothing unexpected under the display. The Asus A2L Notebook is standard for big machines.

A2L ASUS Global

Korogod if doesn't occupy its usual place is on its typical position. The touchpad design is typical of ASUS models. I find it optimal when the scroller is located between the main buttons. Other indicators are above the keyboard.

Spare parts for A2L

The matrix is ordinary. I Asus A2L Notebook no complaints about it; the brightness level is sufficient. The sound is higher than the average one. I think it's because of a hole underneath above on the left which smoothes away distortions inside the PC case.

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I let the laptop idea go until the end of last month, when I stumbled across a beast of a machine from Asus, the ADBH. The A2 met every.


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