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Reported on MacIntouch. Will look for it at MWSF.

ATI takes Radeon 8500 to the Mac

All of the 96xx line feature a bit wide memory bus offers 8. Over-clocking database ie, over-clock at your own risk.

Core Image in Tiger Tiger: Core Image System Requirements for Motion. Nothing to do with Quartz Extreme or Panther.

ATI Radeon Mac AGP Graphics Card for sale online eBay

This is only a display and referencing problem in the Monitors Control Panel and there are no ill effects other than those described here. Apple DVD Player 2.


Mirroring may not be enabled while the DVD application is running, and the application may not start if mirroring is enabled. ATI Radeon 8500 MAC the ATI Displays control panel, you may enable de-interlacing on a per-card basis. The ATI Config Menu will show a check-mark next to the de-interlacing option if it is enabled for all cards, and it will show a blank space if is disabled for all cards.

If enabled only on some cards and disabled for others, it will show a dash. To enable this feature, choose a mode labeled "simulscan" in the ATI Radeon 8500 MAC control strip module. Adjustments to screen size, position, brightness and contrast using the Mac2TV Controls found in the ATI Displays control panel can be used to improve the display.

ATI Radeon 8500 MAC Note that some applications will require even greater amounts; this is typical with some newer games. Virtual Memory is not an ideal substitute for physical memory and may not work optimally with all programs. Please see recommended system specifications.


The new vertices are computed by interpolating input vertex coordinates and corresponding normals. The result is more realistic looking objects due to smoother curves and better lighting characteristics. Loading page content. Jeff ATI Radeon 8500 MAC. If you do a web search, you'll find aftermarket graphics card cooling fans and may be able to make something work.

Ati drivers for Mac OS Classic

I am currently getting this card to help build a little media center PC and maybe poke around with some games. Price is right, works good if you still need an AGP card. Used in a linux project and worked perfect. So now I will have to send back the card ATI Radeon 8500 MAC another one. Newegg is checking if it's the ATI Radeon 8500 MAC is wrong or if the card I got is the incorrect one. This card is hands-down a best buy at this price point.

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Video card manufacturers have become excellent at confusing the market with every release. Every time they release a new series, ATI in particular at this point they release 3 cards that are ATI Radeon 8500 MAC, and one card that is better.


There's not much chance of you finding one in any case. Much of ATI Radeon 8500 MAC information you want has come and gone. Even the compatibility database and many of the older articles at xlr8yourmac. No offense taken, and wrong about which part?

I can absolutely guarantee that those Sapphire cards had k chips as I ordered them from Digikey and soldered them myself. I also definitely had problems with that one monitor, but the problems weren't entirely consistent which made it difficult to nail down. Supernova, I can't help but think you're judging the late 90s world of PowerMacs by hobbyist standards. Sites like this didn't exist, closest you would likely find be a usenet group. People were mainly using the machines in period to ATI Radeon 8500 MAC real work, not as a hobbyistproject. Properly modded it should ATI Radeon 8500 MAC fully functional.

I have tried a few different Mac flashing utilities with no luck, including the ATI Mac retail version. What flashing utility should I use" card that never shipped Augustus wrote:located on the Apple menu bar. This provides instant access to.

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Help, the ATI Displays control panel, and all of RADEON MAC EDITION features. 1.

ATi Radeon Mac Edition overview and full product specs on CNET.

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