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XRUNs with Behringer XR - Linux - Ardour

I get the sense from reading this forum and reading reviews that a lot of people use something like the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2. But I never actually had a box-style interface like that because I did not BEHRINGER UMC204 96k computer DAW's prior to starting with iOS, and the only external "gear" I had was my guitars.

I'm looking for ways to record them in Cubasis and incorporate them into iOS projects. I'm currently using two things right now:. For BEHRINGER UMC204 96k synths as home projects, which of those two is the better option? The Behringer is dirt-cheap, but converts audio at 48 kHz quality and seems to do pretty well.

I need one or two adapters to get it into the RCA input, but it's manageable. The Apogee JAM BEHRINGER UMC204 96k to work, but only because it has a gain control that allows me to back off the input to something closer to line level versus instrument guitar level. Is one of these better than other for capturing synth or drum machine audio? Or do I need to look at a different option?

Behringer Umc 96k Driver Download

The problem is, you may want stereo inputs, or at least two mono inputs. I say, get an used Fast Track pro from M-Audio and be happy: Tech specs: Seems like a really good value. Not BEHRINGER UMC204 96k how it works with iOS. I've heard positive and negative reports. That is a fair point - I'm recording these as mono, which for a drum BEHRINGER UMC204 96k or bass synth isn't the worst thing, but that is a limitation.


The need for external power is one reason I do like the two BEHRINGER UMC204 96k I am currently using - they are powered by the iPad - I could even record sitting in my car if I wanted to. Matthew said: That does seem like BEHRINGER UMC204 96k really good value - even has a MIDI interface, which many in this price range do not.

Let's talk sub-$100 Interfaces for Synths

I guess the concern I always have is that I don't want to go buy some full-featured digital interface and then plug it in to find out it's saddled with all kinds of latency. The UCA miraculously does not seem to suffer from that at all.


BEHRINGER UMC204 96k Alesis iO4 is a good deal. Can not be powered from the iPad though comes with a PSU. Totally busting the bank but I've been eyeing http: That's funny, I nearly bought an iO2 Express once think it does all the same, but just two inputsbut I passed on it for some reason I can't remember. That's a good suggestion, and probably good enough for my limited means, but the build quality on BEHRINGER UMC204 96k Alesis scared me a little. Definitely not the most rugged thing but it does the job well.


Will be easier to hook up your stuff than using the behringer. Can use two inputs for the items you BEHRINGER UMC204 96k often use and the other two can be a submix from your 5 channel mixer.

Seems to me StormJH1 that you have two perfectly good interfaces already. Is there anything about them that you can't get on with? DrvHub uses cookies to improve BEHRINGER UMC204 96k and ensure you get the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we assume that you accept our.

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