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The Power Toys are a range of handy little tools you can use to tweak Windows settings and increase nVidia NvTempLogger convenience of using Windows. The key ones are already covered in my TweakGuides Tweaking Companionparticularly TweakUI which is a very useful tool but doesn't appear to have been updated.

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MW today and finally got the chance to update my Need for Speed: Most Wanted Tweak Guide. If nVidia NvTempLogger haven't read it yet, I definitely think you should give it a try.

Help with BSOD: ntoskrnl.exe stop code 0A

If you have read it, check pages 4 and 8 for updated tips and info nVidia NvTempLogger you should find useful. VIA Hyperion Pro 5. These drivers can be used on any VIA chipset, but they're really only recommended for those with the latest VIA chipsets, and only if you're having problems.


As the XBox was just released yesterday, I expected to hear lots of rave stories of how great it is, and the console gamers telling PC gamers that they wasted their money. Sadly, as I had predicted earlier in my rants against gaming companies and their "Release, Wait and Patch" approach on PCs, it seems consoles have been bitten by the same bug. Reports from places like Slashdot and our own Games Forum reveal that games developers have once again become lazy, and games are coming out with bugs and glitches, only to wait for a patch to come out and resolve issues. I really can't stress how sick and tired I am of this trend. It used to be that console games were rock solid - at least that's how I remember my Nintendo NVidia NvTempLogger, because developers want to rush games out for major sales dates like Christmas, and nVidia NvTempLogger patches as fallback, even consoles aren't safe anymore.

NVidia GPUs [Archive] - Page 29 - Overclockers Forums

For all you PC gamers, just remember my advice: Do not buy a game until it has been satisfactorily patched, and you'll know whether it has or not by keeping an eye on the game's official forums nVidia NvTempLogger see what users are saying, as well as checking here and other places where you will get honest assessments of the state of a particular game. Most Wanted appear to be quite nVidia NvTempLogger on most systems and well worth purchasing. More reports of XBox problems here.

Microsoft have responded to these problems here with the standard "It only affects a small number of users". It looks like it may be a combination of hardware and software nVidia NvTempLogger, but the reason is undoubtedly the fact that Microsoft and the games developers rushed this console to beat the competition and make the lucrative Christmas sales period.

Quick Update 24 November Just to let you know where I'm at with some of my guides. Firstly the full retail version of Need for Speed: MW Tweak Guide to reflect the retail version. I will try to complete my Star Wars Battlefront 2 Tweak Guide, however I've been quietly waiting for LucasArts to release a patch for the game first because the main problems people have with SWBF2 nVidia NvTempLogger untweakable and need a patch to resolve.

Right now I'm also working nVidia NvTempLogger revising the TweakGuides Tweaking Companion to include recent developments, add some new info and fix some things like dead links. Along with work on the forums, this will keep me busy right up to Christmas.


Again 23 November This time it's not my fault! Looks like my host HostingOnNet nVidia NvTempLogger some kind of MySQL issue which causes a 'Too many connections' error and a total database wipeout on all sites on their server. Even their own databases check that link above seem to be gone.

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  • Getting the Most Out Of Your Hardware: Video Card Utility Roundup

Last time it happened, they restored the databases after a short nVidia NvTempLogger, so hopefully the forums will be back up soon. Fortunately the front page is not powered by any database, just good old fashioned HTML, so it's not affected.

Guru3D - NvTempLogger

By the way I'm pressing ahead with making the forums a unique place to share tips, tweaks, troubleshooting advice and both tech and non-tech discussions. Once it's back up, I want nVidia NvTempLogger to drop by, check out the differences and join in on the discussions. Free Download nVidia NvTempLogger (Other Drivers & Tools). This is a simple program that is used to watch the temperature (Core and Ambient) of NVIDIA based GPUs.


You have the options to check the.

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