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This connection can be used to connect any MIDI compatible synthesizer, drum machine, or controller to your computer. This is an information-only display—the incoming sample rate must be changed through your audio software if the sync source is set to internalor by changing the sample rate output of the designated master device if your sync source is set to M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge of the external options.

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Recording or playback to multiple tracks I tried 8, 16 and 32 parallel seems to have the same frequency of xuns. Above M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge persists regardless of the clock source selected on the M-audio lightbridge unit. Clock source definitely changes within the M-audio unit, as it is indicated by an LED on the front panel.

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Jack only starts once. Once Jack is started, the mixer ffado-mixer dummy will loose connection with the unit and will never re-connect until reboot, regardless of the condition of Jack running, killed etc. I had lots of connectivity issues with M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge mixer until I upgraded everything to latest source versions, as above, where it now seems stable and repeatable. I believe the inability to connect is M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge to Jack not exiting cleanly and holding some resource locked.

M-Audio ProFire Lightbridge Network Card User Manual

The M-audio lightbridge starts up with M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge of the ADAT interface inputs enabled probably the cause of some of the comments below regarding playback but no record. With the Windows M-Audio driver applet you can click boxes to enable each interface. The ffado-mixer dummy obviously doesn't have these check boxes, but you can enable each interface by selecting it as the clock source, via the drop-down selection box in the mixer window. Each interface can be selected once; on the second and subsequent attempts in the ffado-mixer window a pop-up message informs that the clock frequency couldn't be M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge, and the gui drop-down menu remains at the previously selected value. However the M-audio unit does indeed change to the selected input, which is now out of sync with the indication in the mixer drop-down window.

M-Audio ProFire Lightbridge User Manual

All the above issues can M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge worked around except the xrun issue, which of course is fatal, as the unit can't be used without clean audio. It caused me great loss of time when cubase refuses to do, etc.

Used with cubase sx I M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge an 4 ms latency without stall 32 tracks for recording. I have not tried more like 32 recording 32 read but I think we can do aisment by increasing the buffer, which puts me in a 7 ms latency, always very acceptable.


I just this shade gives, do not forget that you need to add the latency of its console-output to that of the digital interface. It M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge the only M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge interface very important when working on laptop has to offer as much out of adat, therefore no other model tested tural and no competition now.

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The ratio quality price is pale, cheaper than my FA with 4 times of even if not for the same purpose is at the same time comprhensible as give come into direct numrique, the cost element in expensive audio interfaces namely pramp and converters need M-AUDIO ProFire Lightbridge be present on this map. I would not do because no other choice concurrency, and produced really excellent in terms of performance offered. Only at Sweetwater!

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M-Audio. The ProFire Lightbridge interfaces up to four Lightpipe devices with a PC or Mac via.

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