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Serial ATA Revision 2. The specification can be downloaded from 2 Pipeline HD.

Internal and Specialized Hard Drives (HDD) Seagate US

For convenience, the phrases the drive and this drive Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive used throughout this manual to indicate the following drive model: For details on specification measurement or definition, refer to the appropriate section of this manual. G 3 10 Table 1: Sustained data transfer rate max. Weight typical Average latency Relative humidity Relative humidity gradient max.

Wet bulb temperature max. You will be asked to provide the drive serial number, model number or part number and country of purchase. The system will display the warranty information for your drive. Accessible capacity may vary depending on operating environment and formatting. G 5 12 Table 2: G 7 14 Table 3: Accessible capacity may vary Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive on operating environment and formatting LBA mode When addressing the drive in LBA mode, Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive blocks sectors are consecutively numbered from 0 to n 1, where n is the number of guaranteed sectors as defined above.

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Refer to Section 4. All times are measured using drive diagnostics. The specifications in the Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive below are defined as follows: Track-to-track seek time is an average of all possible single-track seeks in both directions.


Average seek time is a true statistical random average of at least 5, measurements of seeks between random tracks, less overhead. These drives are designed to consistently meet the seek times represented in this manual. Physical seeks, regardless of mode such as Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive and averageare expected to meet the noted values.

However, due to the manner in which these drives are formatted, benchmark tests that include command overhead or measure logical seeks may produce results that vary from these specifications. Refer Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive Figure 2 on page Power consumption Power requirements for the drives are listed in the table on page 9. Typical power measurements are based on an average of drives tested, under nominal conditions, using 5V and 12V input voltage at 25 C ambient temperature.

Pipeline HD.2 Series SATA

Spinup power Spinup power is measured from the time of power-on to the time that the drive spindle reaches operating speed. Idle Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive power Idle mode power is measured with the drive up to speed, with servo electronics active and with the heads in a random track location.

Drive supports PHY layer power management. G 19 Typical current profiles Figure 1. Typical 12V startup and operation current profile Conducted noise Input noise ripple is Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive at the host system power supply across an equivalent ohm resistive load on the 12V line or an equivalent ohm resistive load on the 5V line.

Using 12V power, the drive is expected to operate with a maximum of mV peak-to-peak square-wave injected noise at up to 10MHz. Using 5V power, the drive is expected to operate with a maximum of mV peak-to-peak square-wave injected noise at up to 10MHz. In most systems, you can control power management through the system setup program. Seagate STM31000528AS SATA Drive drive features the following power-management modes: Idle mode The buffer remains enabled, and the drive accepts all commands and returns to Active mode any time disk access is necessary. Standby mode The drive enters Standby mode when the host sends a Standby Immediate command.


If the host has set the standby timer, the drive can also enter Standby mode automatically after the drive has been inactive for a specifiable length of time. The standby timer delay is established using a Standby or Idle command.

Seagate Stm31000528as Sata Drive Firmware Cc3d Driver Download

In Standby mode, the drive buffer is enabled, the heads are parked and the spindle is at rest. The drive accepts all commands and returns to Active mode any time disk access is necessary.


Sleep mode The drive enters Sleep mode after receiving a Sleep command from the host. Free Download Seagate STMAS SATA Drive Firmware CC3D (HDD / SSD / NAS / USB Flash). DiamondMax Hard Drive - Quick Start Guide, Installation, Troubleshooting Tips & Downloads.

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