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A couple of not-entirely-reliable mentions on the Web imply that, but I haven't cracked open my own Vaio F-series to confirm it.

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However, actually swapping it out for a better one is a different matter because, unlike with a desktop system, it's not simply a matter of getting the right driver and slot type assuming BIOS support, that is. While the slot specifications and card sizes conform to industry-wide, rather than proprietary, standards, there Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor been about a dozen different standard slot configurations for mobile GPUs over the years. Thus, there is little guarantee that anyone makes your desired graphics card in a version that fits your slot. Obviously, space is also an issue. There is often no room in a laptop to install a graphics card that is physically larger than the one the laptop was designed for. That is rarely an issue with desktop systems unless you Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor a low-profile system or are looking at a giant 3D gaming card with huge builtin fans.

But, in my view, the biggest barrier to offering graphics upgrades for a laptop versus for a desktop is the fact that the heatsink must be designed not only to suit the graphics card's particular chip layout, but also must be designed for that specific laptop's motherboard layout.


Unlike with desktop systems, there is not room in a notebook for a graphics card to have its own cooling fan, and, therefore, the heat must be hardpiped to the system fan. Since the location and physical geometry of the system fan tends to be different on every laptop series and since the heat ducting bar is always built into the heatsink itself, laptop GPU heatsinks must be specific to both the graphics card and the laptop model. Now, if the heat pipe was a part distinct from the heatsink Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor, this would no longer be an issue.

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Sure, such upgrades would be nominally a Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor technician operation. With the heatsink-design barrier eliminated, third-party manufacturers could easily start offering better-than-stock graphics card upgrades. When I purchased my Dell laptop, I saw that the model series had many graphics options available, so I got the base model on the assumption that I could save a couple hundred bucks now and then upgrade the card to one of the others in the future. It was only later that I learned that the motherboard of the base model did not support such upgrading. Years later, when the original motherboard became damaged, I replaced it with one from the discrete graphics models. That second card, having a different chip layout from the first, required buying another heatsink that was designed specifically for using that card in that particular laptop.

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You're right, though, that one can't just buy a laptop graphics card Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor off the shelf. They are not distributed through regular retail channels like desktop cards, but must be acquired through a service center or parts specialist as replacement parts or purchased used through eBay or somesuch. Sure, buying them that way is not particularly difficult. However, since they are intended as replacement parts, that means that your upgrade options are pretty much limited to only those cards that the laptop manufacturer offered as preinstalled options. So, when you hear that Nvidia has released a laptop version of some new blazing fast card and you're wondering if you can use it to breathe some life into your 3-year-old-but-supposedly-upgradable notebook, the answer is "no".


No major manufacturer is going to make a model-specific version of a video card and heatsink outside of what the laptop manufacturer pre-installs in new systems. That realization was a big disappointment to me. I had originally thought that getting a model with discrete graphics would be a way of "future proofing" my laptop. It certainly works that way on desktops.

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I have installed brand-new graphics cards featuring just-released GPUs into desktops that had been discontinued seven years earlier. Now the manufacturer remedies this with the F22 because these models not only have as usual a matt screen, but also a matt, uncoated case. Does the lower priced F22 have the same high-end screen?


The answer for this and Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor questions can be found in this review. Due to the extreme technical similarities only screen and looks differ of both test devices, F21 and F22 presentwe would refer to the review of the F21 in matters of input devices, interfaces, communication and audio.

All other topics, such as display, performance and ergonomics, will be described anew. Case The F22 shows up as a bulky block Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor 3. The looks mimic two overlapping, inward tapered plates. The base unit is as stiff as a board and we can only provoke evident denting beneath the optical drive. In return, we can depress the lid's surface easily.

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Moreover, the construction clearly distorts when it's picked up at its corners. The lack of paint on the lid and work surface is new. The F21's greasy fingers look is gone and with it the drawbacks such as fingerprints and soon visible scratches. Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor

This creates a laptop with looks so sober and resistant that we are confident that it can cope with longer periods of office work. With a matt plastic lid, fingerprint-free wrist-rest and stable hinges Connectivity All interfaces and their positioning remain the same as in the predecessor, F Thus, demanding users will be forced to switch to USB 3. The light rubber coating on the keys mouse keys too again looks slip-proof and Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor key light adaptive, can be turned off ensures the best visibility in dark living rooms.

The pad, placed in the elevated wrist-rest, is covered with tiny knobs, which relieves the fingers from slipping and prevents unsightly Sony Vaio VPCF2390X Video Processor of wear on the surface. Although both input devices are absolutely identical with the predecessor's, an office suitable look is created due to the lack of a high-gloss work surface. View full Sony VAIO F specs on CNET. Sony VAIO F Series VPC-FFX/B - " - Core i7 QM - 8 GB RAM - GB HDD -.

Graphics Processor. The Sony VAIO F delivers impressive performance with Core i7 muscle, A blazing quad-core Core i7 processor with Nvidia graphics ensures the. The base model (VPCFX CTO) starts at $ and features a GHz.

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