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These include the following: History[ edit ] Catalyst originated on 13 June [32] with version The first number in a release version denotes the year, the second the release within that year, starting at x. In June AMD announced that they would stop monthly driver-updates and release new ATI Catalyst Video "when it makes sense".

Orghiring a new Linux driver team to produce fglrx. Their new proprietary ATI Catalyst Video drivers, instead of being a port of the Windows Catalyst drivers, were based on the Linux drivers for the FireGL the FireGL drivers worked with Radeons before, but didn't officially support thema card geared toward graphics producers, not gamers although the display driver part is now based on the same sources as the ones from Windows Catalyst since version 4.

There are three sub-sections to the Video Settings section, and each is covered below: You can select a preset video playback configuration from here. The presets include Home, Office, and Theater. If you're ATI Catalyst Video happy with one of the presets, use the Custom preset and adjust the relevant settings below. If you untick the 'Use application settings' box, the options in this section of the Control Center will determine the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and gamma settings for any image which displays through a video overlay, such as ATI Catalyst Video playback. Changing these sliders will adjust the properties of the image and you can immediately see the impact of these on the right side video preview. Set to suit your tastes, but if you don't like your changes, select the Discard button at the bottom and tick the 'Use application settings' box again to allow individual video playback applications use their own settings for video playback.

These settings work if you have an ATI graphics card which is capable of supporting a Primary and Secondary display, and the secondary display is connected. You can see a preview of the impact of your choices on the Video Preview panel, so select a combination which suits your needs.


If you select 'Theater Mode' from the list, you can select the aspect ratio of ATI Catalyst Video video playback here. Aspect Ratio is the width of the image versus the height of the image. If you select 'Match the source video', then if the source is 4: The Catalysts come with software Deinterlacing which can help improve the image quality of videos depending on the method you choose.

You will have to experiment to select the right type for your particular video source, but look at the preview display to see an indication of the various impacts. If in doubt, select 'Auto Detect'. This section is similar to that under the 3D section of the Control Panel - it allows you to view and change all the Video settings in one place, ATI Catalyst Video a video preview. However it also contains an additional option 'Windows Media Video Acceleration'. If this option is ticked, it uses your graphics hardware to improve WMV-encoded video playback - which is recommended.

SmartGart The settings here have a significant impact on your system stability, and to some degree on your performance, if you run an AGP graphics card. Your current AGP speed is shown here, and you can manually change it by using the slider. It is recommended that you set the highest available AGP Speed here for optimal performance.

If at any ATI Catalyst Video you begin experiencing lots of crashes, freezes and other problems, you can reduce the AGP Speed here in an attempt to increase system stability. Your current Fast Write setting On or Off is shown here. As mentioned earlier, Fast Write is a major source of instability on most systems and provides little to no performance benefit, so it is strongly recommended that ATI Catalyst Video select Off here to disable Fast Writes. These settings are covered in detail under the Catalyst Installation section of the guide. For optimal performance you should ensure they are all set to On.

ATI Catalyst Display Driver 9.5 for Windows 7 32-bit

If you click this option next to any of these settings, or the 'Retest All' button, the SmartGart system will retest the setting s in an attempt to find the "best" settings. Of course this means it will revert the setting s to exactly the same as it was when you first opened ATI Catalyst Video SmartGart tab, so there should be no reason for you to use this option unless you want ATI Catalyst Video return to the default settings.


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Incredibly Intuitive. Learn more · How to Find the ATI Catalyst Video Compatible Drivers for an AMD  ‎Auto-Detect and Install · ‎How to Find the Latest · ‎Obtaining Graphics Drivers. This particular software suite updates the AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver and the AMD ​AMD Radeon™ R7 Series, ​ATI Radeon™ HD Series.

minor performance drop on PCMark8® Video Group Chat & Casual Gaming tests.

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