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You want a little mouse? Got what you need right here.

A4tech Mini Optical Mouse (mop-35) driver

Do you want little, or do you want real little? You're looking at a couple of optical mouses which are, electrically, not very remarkable. Both mouses A4tech MOP-35D Mouse with software that lets you configure the buttons to do different things, but you needn't install it. They'll work fine with the standard Windows mouse drivers.


What's unusual about them is that even the bigger one isn't very A4tech MOP-35D Mouse. And the smaller one is downright minuscule. At its largest points, it's about by 56 by 32 millimetres in size 4 by 2.

A4Tech 2X Click MOPD Drivers Download - Update A4Tech Software

Unlike some A4tech MOP-35D Mouse mouses, the MOP is symmetrical, so people of either handedness can use it. A4 describe the MOP on their page for it as a "5 button" mouse, but that's wrong, unless they're counting each wheel direction as one button.

The Super Mini Mouse manages to pack a normal all-surface optical mouse pickup and two buttons into A4tech MOP-35D Mouse body only How small is that" pocket in a pair A4tech MOP-35D Mouse jeans. That's not necessarily a great idea, though; the Super Mini Mouse's cable is quite thin, like a portable stereo headphone lead, and probably won't appreciate being squished and bent all the time.


But if space and weight A4tech MOP-35D Mouse your absolute prime concerns, or indeed if you're just in the market for a gag gift for someone who also owns a preposterously small mobile phone, then the Super Mini Mouse fits the bill. There's nothing else like it.

A4Tech MOP-35 (mop-35) Mouse

There certainly aren't any ordinary opto-mechanical mouses the type with a ball that are this tiny. Well, no half-way useable ones, anyway. For a mouse ball to A4tech MOP-35D Mouse properly, it needs to be fairly weighty - which is why all decent mouse balls are made of metal with a rubber coating - and it also needs to be big enough to ride over discontinuities in the surface it's being used on, and handle dirt on its rollers. And to handle slight mouse-to-surface alignment oddities, too; I remember fooling around with a "mouse pen" product, some years ago, that had a tiny opto-mechanical mechanism built into a plinth on the end of a pen-like body. It had no tolerance whatsoever for the angle changes that normally happen when you're writing, and so it was every bit as useful as a ball-point paintbrush.


Mouse balls work better when they're bigger, for the same reason that the wheels on a Unimog deal with rough terrain better than the wheels on a shopping trolley. A mouse ball less than a centimetre across - which is how small one would have to be, to fit into a casing the size of the Super Mini's - will tend to stick and skip A4tech MOP-35D Mouse lot, especially when its rollers have accumulated a bit of scurf. A tiny-mouse like this is likely to be a A4tech MOP-35D Mouse accessory and end up being used on all sorts of unusual surfaces - bedspreads, dining tables, your leg. And so it needs a reliable pickup.

Which is why optical is the only choice, if you want a tiny mouse that actually works. Optical mouses can require cleaning, on the rare occasions when a hair or bit of fluff manages to obscure the little lens But this cleaning is very seldom necessary, and is easy to A4tech MOP-35D Mouse.

No solvents are needed, and there's no chipping away at accumulated schmutz on little rollers. Inside the Super Mini Mouse is the standard complement of optical-mouse components; they're just a bit closer together than usual. The dark-tinted top of the Super Mini Mouse lets the whole thing glow while you're using it. As normal for optical mouses, it glows at full brightness only when you're moving it, and drops to a lower power mode after a moment of inactivity, to make it A4tech MOP-35D Mouse dazzling.

The A4 mouse glows as well, but it's got A4tech MOP-35D Mouse more restrained tail-light instead of a whole glowing body. Using them My usual mouse of choice is a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. I reviewed it a couple of years ago, when these all-surface optical mouses were a new and exciting concept; the review's here. The Explorer is a sculpted silvery right-hand-only mouse that's substantially larger than most computer rodents. Its curvy shape means that it doesn't feel like using a shoebox to control your pointer, but if you've got tiny hands, this isn't the mouse for you.

It's fair to say that the Explorer looms over the two baby mouses.

Even at its narrowest point, the Explorer is wider than the Super Mini Mouse is long. I took A4tech MOP-35D Mouse of the wonders of USB, plugged both teeny-mouses in next to my Explorer, and took turns using them for a while.

SOLVED: A4tech Mini Optical Mouse (mop) driver - Fixya

The baby mouses weren't as annoying as I thought they'd be. Find great deals for A4Tech MOP (mop) Mouse. A4tech MOP-35D Mouse with confidence on eBay! A4Tech MOP 35 - mouse overview and full product specs on CNET.

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