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After years of dedication in the field, Avision has become a world-leading manufacturer of Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN and departmental document input devices. To meet the demand of e-business in the new century, Avision has unveiled a series of office automation equipment to help businesses gain vantage in competition.

Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN the button is pressed, the scanner automatically scan your documents and convert them to Adobe s certified searchable PDF, or other image format and then send the file to a designated folder, or other destination applications such asprinter, or your favorable software application. The original step-by-step procedure is replaced with only a single touch of the button.

Find your suitable scanning system in our product range. - PDF

Avision AVScan AVScan is an intelligent scanning and electronic filing solution that leverages Avision s maret-leading document scanners. Scanners use a light source to illuminate your paper document and then an image sensor such as charge-couple device CCD or Contact Image Sensor CIS to transfer the light data into analog signals to the main board, where the signals are turned into digital ones. Computer Connection Indirect Networ connection: A scanner with networ interface can be shared by all users within a local area networ. Avision s Networ scanner is equipped with a networ port to be used as Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN networ scanner. Ordernary paper wors fine for everydat documens.


Modern scanners communicate to their host computers using the following physical interfaces: You can plug a USB device to a computer and have it wor automatically without having to do further configuration. Plus, data can be transferred more quicly via the USB interface. Most of Avision s scanners have built-in the USB ports. But youcan do a lot better for your important reports and presentations with Avision paper and 64 65 36 glossary glossary Application Programming An image-editing application such as Microsoft Paint Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN Adobe Photoshop needs to communicate with the scanners. There are many different scanners and many of those scanners use different protocols.

The API presents a uniform interface to the scanner. Common scanner software uses the following APIs: TWAIN Short for Technology Without An Interesting Name, is a widely used software protocol and applications programming interface API that regulates communications between software applications and image input devices such as scanners. To strengthen the sales of its scanners, Avision has developed ISIS drivers for most of its sheet-fed or document scanner models. In addition, ExactCODE s scanning application for Apple computers provides distinctive features including uniform color smoothing, accurate color controls, sharpen text to increase the OCR Optical Character Recognition accuracy, a preview window that directly and instantly visualizes the scan settings.

These features help Avision gain vantage in competition. These software applications will Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN bundled for specified scanner models.

Avision Capture Tool To verify your scanner installation is correct and to perform simple scans, Avision provides you with a useful program called Avision Capture Tool. With this tool, you can perform simple scans and view the captured images. In addition, it helps you complete your scan at a rated speed.


Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN easy installation, Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN program is built-in together with the scanner driver. Users simply install the scanner driver, and the Avision Capture Tool can be installed onto the computer. Avision Button Manager 2 Button Manager 2 maes it easy for you to scan and send your image to your favorite destinations with one press on a button. Now the new version comes with an innovative feature to let you scan and automatically upload the scanned document to popular cloud repositories such as Google Docs, Microsoft SharePoint, or FTP. In addition, the innovative iscan feature allows you to insert the scanned image or recognized text after optional OCR Optical Character Recognition process to your text editor such as Microsoft Word to get your job done easily and quicly.

Flatbed scanner Avision AVA5+, A5

Part traditional file cabinet, part digital-document destop, PaperPort SE14 is the Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN and easiest way to scan, share, search, and organize your documents. Additionally, PaperPort SE14 now delivers anytime-anywhere access to your most important files however it s convenient for you using a PC, Mac, iphone, ipad, or Android device. Streamline document development and review. Simplify form creation and data collection.

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And combine multiple file types in polished PDF Portfolios that communicate clearly and help mae your wor shine. Adobe Acrobat X enables business professionals to reliably create, combine, and control Adobe PDF documents for easy, more secure distribution and collaboration. Combine files from multiple applications, such as text files, spreadsheets, presentations, and web pages, into a single, polished Adobe PDF document. Capturing high-quality images is critical to the rest of the document management process because Avision AVA5 Scanner TWAIN quality significantly impacts the success of data extraction, recognition, and retrieval.

ExactScan supports a wide range of document scanners with driver directly built-in and can even act as a TWAIN driver for third party applications. Portable, Ultralight, Affordable. Avision is proud to introduce its slim scannerseries.


The AVA5 Plus is one of slim scannerseries which support document up to. TWAIN driver and is also bundled with full version of exclusive Avision Button Manager and ScanSoft PaperPort 11SE. Avision AVA5 Plus Flatbed Scanner.

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