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The simple high efficiency and low-cost hardware which be apt for high speed image capture was designed and the software system was also compiled based on the multi-thread technology.

CMOS image sensor,usb,cy7ca,gpif 1 Introduction Because of the rapid development of the semiconductor technics, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor CMOS [] image sensor makes progress quickly in recent years because of its low cost, small volume, light weight, low Epson Stylus Photo RX700 ICA Scanner consumption and single chip integration compared with traditional CCD [] sensor. It has become the key facility of image processing technology and has been applied to a great many fields such as video camera, digital camera, mobile communication, safeguard, and pattern recognize. In illustration of USB Image acquisition system, OmniVision single chip OV is described in this paper, including its features, operate mode and usages.

Equally successful in the Windows and Macintosh worlds, USB has delivered on its promises of easy attachment, an end to configuration hassles, and true plug-and-play operation. USB brings the ultimate in implicity when connecting peripheral devices. The longer needs to determine the right connection for the mouse versus the keyboard. There isn t a different cable for the monitor, printer, or high storage capacity external disk drive.

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The user never has to determine if the connection is a parallel or serial port. In fact, users will always be able to connect or disconnect a new device when the PC is up and running.

Now that s true Plug and Play! Because of this consistency and simplicity of connection, USB will make it easy to add peripheral image acquisition system that was previously thought to be too difficult for the average user.


To sum up, it has been very important and necessary to integrate all the advantages of CMOS image sensor and USB interface into the image acquisition system. The digital video port supports 60Hz YCrCb 2 4: The builtin SCCB interface provides an easy way of controlling the Epson Stylus Photo RX700 ICA Scanner camera functions.

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By integrating the USB 2. Because it incorporates the USB 2. Referring to Fig 1. The light from outside scenery is converged to CMOS pixel array through lens.


Each compact active pixel element has high photo-sensitivity and converts photon energy to analog voltage signal. The sensor OV has on-chip Analog to Digital Converter and comparators to digitize the pixel output. The output rate of CMOS image sensor is relatively high. It is required that USB controler's rate match the sensor's. There are several signals to be considered in system design: The majority of signal processing in OV is performed in the analog processing block, which does color separation, matrixing, AGC, gamma correction, color correction, color balance, black level calibration, knee smooth, aperture correction, controls for the Epson Stylus Photo RX700 ICA Scanner and chrominance picture and anti-alias filtering. The analog video signals are based on the formula: By default, data is updated at the falling edge of PCLK and is stable at its rising edge.

PCLK runs at the pixel rate normally at Data bus including 8 data lines, the luminance Y channal data is clocked out of this bus at the rate of one byte per pixel. I2C bus transmitting rate is up to kbps.

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To achieve the maximum sustained throughput in USB 2. CY7CA 's GPIF General Programmable InterFace provides a highly configurable and flexible glueless peripheral interface that allows the highest possible bandwidth to be achieved over the physical layer.


The application software capture the image data from the USB cable and display on the screen. The framework is helpful to the research worker to realize the most parts of the USB protocol. According to Epson Stylus Photo RX700 ICA Scanner device and requirement, we just need to write different functions to finish our design. To be aimed at the high-speed data and the USB 2. Set the endpoint2 IN, bulk, size4x buffered. Parts of the program are as follows. It is the kernel code to ensure the GPIF engine operates smoothly.

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Referring to Fig 2. It replaces the external glue logic which might otherwise be required to build an interface between the CY7CA and the outside world. At the GPIF s core is a programmable state machine which generates up to six control and nine address outputs, and accepts six external and two internal ready inputs.

Referring to Fig 6 Figure 3: The CPU would clearly be the largest bottleneck in a High-speed design. So instead we adopt an Auto-Transfer mode, whereby the payload data is auto-committed from the external slave device to the USB host and likewise in the other direction. The GPIF engine can implement multiple waveform behaviors, which can then be assigned to four waveform types. Each Epson Stylus Photo RX700 ICA Scanner is 32 bytes long and resides in a special GPIF waveform descriptor area in on-chip memory space, once loaded by the CPU.

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When we finish the GPIF design, these descriptors will be add to firmware project and compiled soon. Next, the CY7CA enumerates again, this time as a device defined by the downloaded information.


This patented two-step process, called ReNumeration, happens instantly when the device is plugged in, with no hint that the initial download step has occurred. Epson Stylus Photo RX Epson Stylus Photo RX Model: C11C Product Home.

Epson Stylus Photo RX Downloads; FAQs; Manuals and. This file contains the ICA Scanner Driver v for Apple's Image Capture utility. This driver corrects possible issues when using Apple's Image Capture utility.

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