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PCI calvalcade of cards By David Strom Just when life on the desktop front was beginning to settle down, along comes more confusion in the form of more choices. I am referring to the latest crop of Pentium computers that have Peripheral Component Interconnect PCI bus slots and what kinds of network cards you should put in them. Accton EN-1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter

PCI calvalcade of cards

I spent more time than I care to remember about edge-triggered interrupts, burst mode speeds, and other arcana when really all I wanted to do was find the best card for the machine and figure out which bus solved by which bottleneck on my LAN. All that has come back with a vengence it seems with Accton EN-1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter. I found that all four Ethernet cards all delivered some good price-performance, and I recommend the combination of equipment for the enterprise. I am somewhat uncomfortable with the lack of documentation available for the cards. Still, I was able to get all four cards working in both machines without too much trouble on my NetWare network.


I had to search high and low for some solid technical information about PCI, and still feel that I really don't have as much details as I'd like. However, the bus does seem to work as advertised and my tests proved that it was a faster and cleaner interface for peripherals than Accton EN-1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter. Maybe it was something disagreeable that I had for dinner. No matter.

Let me first tell you a little about PCI. PCI had its origins about four years ago, when a group of vendors got together on a specification called the VESA local bus.


The word local refers to the fact that the bus is located closer to the processor -- "closer" meaning that the data path takes less time and requires fewer interrupts to get the processor's attention. This bus was developed quickly so various high-performance graphics cards could come to market, and the result was a rash of incompatible systems and cards.

Intel saw Accton EN-1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter was happening and went back to their drawing boards to come up with PCI, a more rigidly defined standard. It had several advantages such as procesor independence while most Pentiums have PCI slots, you'll see RISC and Motorola machines sporting them sometime next year as well and fast data transfer rates about four times that of EISA bus speeds. PCI cards have few connector pins, making them small and cheap.

Ironic, isn't it: But that was 80's thinking. These days, smaller is beautiful. PCI really shines when it comes to turbocharging video, sometimes delivering very Accton EN-1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter performance and redraw gains. However, this is a review of the network cards so let's stick with that side of things.

Accton Technology – Wireless, Switch, Adapter, Access Point, WiFi Mobile, Accton,Ethernet, Gateway

The two machines that I tried had a combination of slots that will be a bit confusing to explain. In the days of yore say pre-Pentiumyou basically had one bus connector per slot. No more: This means lots more Accton EN-1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter, but also confusing when it comes time to buy a machine and figure out which slots are free and what kind they are. Take the Dell server for example. Got that? None of the seven slots come filled with any cards when you buy the base machine.

Network Ethernet. 32-bit PCI

Now take the Ambra desktop. My unit came with two Accton EN-1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter Those of you that buy alot of equipment over the phone will have to ask questions carefully before you close the sale: I suggest drawing a mental picture of how many slots and how many are actually available while you negotiate with the sales representative.

So is it worth the bother? Well, yes and no. The downside has to do more with service, support, and long-term viability of the vendors than any mechanical or performance considerations.

Accton Accton EN1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter Network Driver

All four of these cards are from relatively small shops and that makes me nervous when I want to buy them in quantity for my enterprise. This is especially disheartening considering that you are dealing with new territory and would like some guidance.

No single card stood above the others in my opinion. Zynx was the only one vendor that included any extended explaination of the PCI bus, and it was more of a marketing brochure than containing any technical content. Here is a step by step manual guide Accton EN-1203 PCI Ethernet Adapter Accton EN PCI Ethernet Adapter software installation process on Windows 7 / 8 / / 10 / Vista / XP.

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