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In one embodiment, the inbound communications may be a request from a central monitoring station for the remote station installation computer module to return a diagnostic report. In that particular embodiment, the remote station may respond by running a diagnostic to check the status of one or more components at the time of the request and transmit that data to the central monitoring stationor to report archived or saved diagnostic data. The diagnostic data may include an inventory of sensors and their status and any set of archived data.

Alternatively, the inbound communications may command the installation computer module to take a live set of sensor or monitoring module readings and transmit the readings, or to transmit any archived readings. Alternatively, the inbound communication may be a command to collect data, where the installation computer module may collect secondary module data or humidity data from a monitoring module and transmit the collected data to the central monitoring station Thus, a user may review or monitor periodic readings of data at the central monitoring stationand if a reading is unusual or out of tolerance, the user may activate a live data feed from the remote station to assess the live situation at that remote station without an actual visit.

In one particularly useful example, unusual temperature or atmospheric readings may indicate a nearby fire, and a user may activate a live video feed showing the area around a remote stationor any other area where a camera sensor is installed. In another embodiment, the indication of motion along a road or other monitored area may indicate unauthorized persons and a live video feed may be AOpen Video Station MX400-A to inspect monitor activity at the monitored area. Electrical power may be provided to the remote station by any AOpen Video Station MX400-A or as yet undiscovered means.

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Remote stations may be powered by hardline power transmission such as standard AC power or power over Ethernet. The remote station may be powered alternatively by, or on combination with, station-based power sources such as combustion generators, solar panels, wind turbines, or the like.

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Battery banks may also be used to store power derived from intermittent sources such as solar or wind. Additionally, a station-based power generation facility will ideally be ruggedized to lengthen the usable lifespan of the power generation equipment. Ruggedization may include overcapacity to compensate for later degradation of power generation efficiency while still providing a base AOpen Video Station MX400-A of power, or physical enhancements to the equipment, such as shields on solar cells.


Additionally, batteries tend to AOpen Video Station MX400-A their capacity for holding a charge and delivering adequate voltage over time and when exposed to extreme temperatures, and so the power generation and storage system may be provided with excess battery capacity to compensate for aging or temperature degradation of the batteries. Referring no to FIG. In the embodiment of a video monitoring module shown herein, a camera may be trained on a visual humidity indicator In one useful embodiment, the visual humidity indicator may have one or more desiccant indicators disposed at the visual humidity indicator In such an embodiment, any desiccant indicator that may visually indicate a humidity level may be used. For example, silica gel, charcoal, AOpen Video Station MX400-A sulfate, copper sulfate, calcium chloride or anhydrous cobalt chloride may be used.

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The camera may be arranged to take video data as still images or motion video at any frame rate desired and that video AOpen Video Station MX400-A may be of the visual humidity indicator and the desiccant indicators therein. Additionally, the camera may take the video data in color or in black and white grayscale.

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Taking color video data permits more accurate assessment of any color change in the desiccant. Alternatively, taking grayscale video data requires less bandwidth for transmission of the video data to the central monitoring station Ideally, a color changing desiccant used in conjunction with any video camera will AOpen Video Station MX400-A a high contrast during the transition from dry to saturated. Any number of advantageous modifications may be made to the monitoring module to enhance the usability of the video data generated by the module For example, the monitoring module may include lights that illuminate the visual humidity AOpen Video Station MX400-A to provide adequate or consistent lighting for the camera when the camera is taking video.


Alternatively, the visual humidity indicator may, for example, have a visual comparison indicator printed on the face of the visual humidity indicator so that a viewer may accurately compare the color of the desiccant indicator to the comparison indicator Such visual comparison indicator may permit the user to account for distortions in the video or conditions that may render the video data imperfect, such as poor or unusual lighting conditions. In one useful embodiment, the camera lens may also have a filter to filter out undesired wavelengths of light.

For example, a monitoring module using a cobalt chloride desiccant, which turns from blue to purple to pink as it saturates, may have a lens filter for blocking red light. This filter may allow the camera to gather video data showing the desiccant's color as AOpen Video Station MX400-A from blue to white, giving the resulting video data a higher contrast and making the humidity indication easier to read. Thus, an automated system may analyze video data for such registration AOpen Video Station MX400-A and use the location of those registration marks as a reference for determining where data for the desiccant indicator or visual comparison indicator is located within the video frame.

Referring to FIG. In embodiments where the remote stations all communicate with the central monitoring station wirelessly, the transceiver may use one or more antennas for communication.

However, a wireline system may be used in place of, or in conjunction with, the antenna to communicate with one or more remote stations Additionally, the transceiver may be configured to receive or transmit data other than humidity monitoring data. For example, the transceiver may receive humidity monitoring data from remote stationsbut may also receive additional sensor or communications data from the remote stations AOpen Video Station MX400-A Thus, a central monitoring station may receive various kinds of environmental data from the remote station sensors and also receive data AOpen Video Station MX400-A the humidity within the remote station enclosure. The data management module may be in signal communication with the components of the communications module Use the links on this page to download the latest version of AOpen Video Station MXA - WinXP/2K Driver v drivers.

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