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Conventional sight restoration includes A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse removal of cataracts and treatment of vision loss caused by glaucoma. Although highly practical and frequently used in the A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse world following short periods of sight deterioration and also rarely following longer term blindness with much more limited success; see details in section 1. Sight restoration in blindness due to other etiologies, such as congenital or late-onset 3 degeneration for example age-related macular degeneration of the retina or optic tract has only started to be addressed.


This is done mostly by the development of new generation A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse, neuroprosthetic medical solutions aimed at restoring the missing sense by replacing the retina with a bionic component that can transmit the visual information directly via the optic tracts to the brain as is already done in audition using cochlear implants; Fallon et al. However, these novel approaches still have several major disadvantages. These are invasive, expensive techniques which offer very limited visual perception, and currently have only been somewhat successful in very restricted populations of the blind, since they typically depend on stimulating retinal ganglion cells which are not always intact in different etiologies to transmit their signal.

However, once several technological obstacles detailed below are resolved, these may hold great promise for restoring natural vision to many blind individuals, similar to the enormous progress in the treatment of deafness that has been made since the development of cochlear implants. The second group of rehabilitation A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse takes a different methodology of translating full visual information of the environment to another, non-visual modality. Such sensory substitution devices SSD are non-invasive, cheap and relatively accessible.

These devices are designed to deliver visual information to the blind using their remaining and fully-functioning sensory modalities, in the hope that A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse brains of such individuals will learn to exploit this information, similarly to the way the sighted use equivalent information transmitted though the visual pathway. Although this hope may appear unintuitive or even unrealistic, SSDs, when used with targeted training see methodology section and results section 3.

Such efficiency combined with their low cost and broad applicability to different types or ages at sensory loss make them highly attractive sensory aids. However, even if the best optimal technological rehabilitation-aid is designed, an additional, perhaps more critical, challenge facing sight restoration efforts A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse that of the neural and cognitive capacities required to process vision.

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In a sense, when first introduced to the brain 4 of a congenitally blind individual, the visual information is meaningless because that individual lacks any previous experience against which to interpret this information interpreted Held et al. The study of early-onset and congenitally blind people has shown that their visual cortex may have plastically reorganized to process information from other sensory modalities see section 1. Currently, the scientific consensus regarding visual cortex development is that visual A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse during critical or sensitive periods in A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse development may result in functional blindness, because the brain is not organized to process visual information properly, and this may be irreversible later in life see section 1.

Indeed, the rare reported cases of late-onset surgical sight restoration e. Therefore, it is A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse of clinical importance as well as of vital interest in terms of our basic understanding of brain processing and organization to determine whether the visual cortex of the blind can functionally interpret visual information, and if so, whether can it utilize a similar functional organization to that of the complex normally developed sighted brain section 1.

A4Tech [Description of brand] Since A4 Tech Corporation has founded inour commitment and passion have not changed. Today A4 Tech is a global leader of personal A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse peripherals. A4 Tech had won many A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse in recognition for our unique innovative technology. A4 Tech maintains an exceptionally strong commitment to develop, for it's within the discipline of development that yesterday's fiction becomes tomorrow's reality. We strive to identify things which, when made better, improve people's life style.

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A4 Tech has the latest in Optical technology, using these engines in most of the latest mouse products. A4 Tech makes many different shapes and sizes of pointing A4Tech RK(S)-870D KeyboardMouse and ships over 25 million units per year. A4Tech RK(S)D Keyboard/Mouse Driver/Utility Install the proper keyboard software and your system will be able to recognize the.


A4Tech RK(S)D Keyboard/Mouse Driver/Utility 14 downloads. Keyboard & Mouse A4TECH.

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