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Also, we're sad to see that, as it stands, this model currently excludes the option for adding 3D LED panels.

M11X R3 Nvidia GT540 1GB or 2GB

So has anything been added? Over and above the media bar at the top, it does include a customisable set of hot-keys to the left, which are colour coded by LEDs according to their preset.

In general, we found that their position at the extreme end of the keyboard made locating the Ctrl and Shift keys less intuitive, but this may simply take some time adapting to. Otherwise, the keys maintain the superior upward-sloping style of the M17x, although this time we see a slight flex to the board when typing at its centre. That gets you a 2. Presented in 'nebula red' here, the M18x is distinguishable for its overbearing size and weight. The lower PPI pixels per inch of the display also makes it feel like a downgrade from the clarity of M17x's 3D panel too, but it makes up for this in terms of graphical capability. Build quality remains creditably high regardless, with the lid taking a good yank to open to reveal the screen.

Here we find that the non-3D panel offers slightly worse black levels which, together with the lower pixel density of the display factoring in at x, leaves us looking back fondly at the smaller model. This isn't to say the display is bad by any means - the colours are rich, and response times seem equal to the former in practice. Also, the support for Hz, potentially allowing for FPS in games, is missed, but perhaps not essential in Alienware M11xR3 Notebook nVidia 1GB GeForce GT540 VGA grand scheme of things. This change Alienware M11xR3 Notebook nVidia 1GB GeForce GT540 VGA to a massive improvement to gameplay in most cases.

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For games like Batman: Arkham City and Skyrim we see similarly sky-high results on medium settings, but it's in Crysis 2 that we experience the biggest leap forward. On very high settings, we see the frame rate hold confidently at 60FPS, as opposed to roughly half that on the M17x. This gives us breathing room to experiment, where even bumping it up to extreme doesn't give it too much trouble. In practise, an unerring 60FPS performance is very much sustainable during the Operation Swordbreaker segment, running at the recommended settings with ultra textures, high shadow quality and Alienware M11xR3 Notebook nVidia 1GB GeForce GT540 VGA ambient occlusion HBAO all checked.

It's a triumphant result, and gives us the confidence to jump into a large multiplayer game with 64 players and never feel like it's the hardware that's holding us back from climbing the scoreboards. Looking elsewhere, we find Rage suffers ever-so-slightly for its slower texture streaming. Running the benchmark without gives us just 62 megatexels per second, a figure close to the M11x's rating of 57 when the option actually enabled there, Alienware M11xR3 Notebook nVidia 1GB GeForce GT540 VGA translates to a touch more pop-in while whipping around degree turns in the wasteland.

Otherwise, we're still seeing perfect, jitter-free motion during gameplay, with full texture filtering, detail and cache settings enabled and 2 x multi-sample anti-aliasing MSAA selected.

The results are superb, but this does come at the biggest expense in terms of power throughput. The M18x uses a high capacity cell Lithium ion battery, rated at 97 WHr, that lasts out for 50 minutes when away from the mains set to half screen brightness and volume.


For web browsing and other non-GPU intensive activities, it's still good for three hours and 30 minutes of use before the ominous little alien icon starts blinking away again. Fortunately, the recharge time here is acceptable; much like the other two laptops, Alienware M11xR3 Notebook nVidia 1GB GeForce GT540 VGA able to reach maximum capacity once more in just under two hours. Alienware's R3 Laptop Range: The Digital Foundry Verdict In review, you're looking at three stratospherically high-end gaming laptops for whoever is willing to bite the bullet. They each have their place on the market, pinning their corners down with distinct advantages and disadvantages.

The M11x is a robust little unit which tows the line between being a power-conservative netbook and a lightweight gaming platform, but the viewing angles and poor contrast ratio of its screen do strike us as a let-down. The uncomfortable, restrictive keyboard design also leaves us wanting more, but on the plus side, it can certainly push those polygons. It plays games like Skyrim at Alienware M11xR3 Notebook nVidia 1GB GeForce GT540 VGA at its native resolution without much trepidation, and even Battlefield 3 on the lowest settings, which has to be seen to be believed.

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Arkham City at full x resolution. It can also handle demanding DirectX 11 games like Crysis 2 handsomely, but the resulting heat and noise after a few minutes play have us placing it on a table rather than our laps and cranking up the volume to compensate. We find it a little difficult to recommend the largest sibling, the M18x, without looking back to Alienware M11xR3 Notebook nVidia 1GB GeForce GT540 VGA M17x's features and design. The overall weight of the unit makes it far less convenient to transport, and the lesser black levels and PPI of its screen do make games seem less crisp when playing up-close. It's by far the most powerful laptop of its size that we've tried though, and playing Battlefield 3 at high settings is a very fluid experience, suggesting it'll be future-proofed on the technical requirement front for a good while yet. Also tried using the contextual menu right clicking on the executable and selecting "run with Geforce GT M".

None of it changed anything the slightest. When I load up the Skyrim Launcher it automatically detects my Intel HD, no matter what settings I have chosen in the Nvidia Control Panel - I seem to recall in the past having to use the Geforce as the prefered graphics adapter under Global Settings for Skyrim to recognize it, but that won't work anymore. You can unlock,relock,repair phone and reset to your Alienware M11xR3 Notebook nVidia 1GB GeForce GT540 VGA mobile phone.

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And Unlock your Samsung phone from home supports the remote service. Alienware M11x R3 to Feature Nvidia GeForce GT Dedicated Graphics. GO.

Apr 8, GMT · By Sorin Nita ·. Share: When the first specs of the next-generation Alienware M11x gaming notebook made their way to the Web, the GeForce GT can be paired together with 1GB or 2GB GDDR3 video buffer that. Specifications and benchmarks of the NVIDIA GeForce GT M graphics card for notebooks.

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