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All video and photography by Rob The Plumber Looking for a charity to donate too? Donate to your local Habitat For Humanity! Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR like things quiet - you'll hear some birds outside in the video on occasion.

Amcrest IP Cameras - Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) Setup

I sent the DVR back to Amcrest under their 30 day return policy, Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR they mailed me a new one. The new one was even louder! It had some new rattling or vibrating noise the first one did not have.


So Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR had read all these comments and tips on Amazon about how people replace the noisy Amcrest fans with Noctua 5v fans they get on Amazon. I ordered two, even before I opened up the DVR. Since I went through too much time figuring all this out, I made this amateurish video to try to help others in the same situation, with way too loud security camera DVRs.

Amcrest IP Cameras - Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) Setup - Смотреть видео бесплатно онлайн

Apologies for the Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR out of focus parts. One thing I didn't show in the video - at about the 2: Make sure you use drill bits designed for use on metal, probably obvious to some folks but many don't know there's a difference between those and the drill bits for use only on wood. I also set up a running vacuum right next to where I Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR the holes larger, to catch any drill shavings that might have decided to go inside on the circuit board.

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To make that part easier, have a helper hold the vacuum hose right next to where you drill. I don't know if you need to drill the holes larger for those rubber mounts, if you decide to use those. Hope this helps you.

This video will briefly explain the fundamental differences and similarities between the two, so you can decide which type of recorder is best for your security Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR. Want to migrate all your data from your old hard drive to your new solid state drive?

Amcrest DVR and NVR - New Internal Hard Drive Installation

This in turn allows me to get more stuff for the channel and create more videos. To purchase the surveillance Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR shown in this video 8 channel 8 camera NVR system http: Complete surveilance systems without harddives: Panasonic G6 Camera http: Sony Stereo Mic Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR Sony Movie Studio http: This feature enables you to record, store, and playback videos straight on your computer.


Please note this setup is only available on a Windows PC. It is relatively easy to replace that drive with a 4TB drive.

There are drives available for that are configured specifically for surveillance systems. I don't know which brand is good and which is bad. My replacement drive has a 3 year warranty, and i guess we will find out, if it makes it Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR not.

I had to replace mine, because I thought it was broken. After installing the new drive, it still didn't work. Checking out the power supply: It could only deliver 6 Volts, and it needs 12V. Video Security DVR Digital Recorder, Channel P @ 30fps, HD Analog, Hard Drive & Cameras Not Included, Remote Smartphone Access (AMDV).Camera Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR ‎p. Amcrest ProHD P 16CH Video Security System - Ten Megapixel 3TB HDD, Night Vision, Remote Smartphone Access, White Mid (AMDVB2D-W) 8-Channel p Amcrest AMDV72016 DVR DVR with pre-installed 3 TB HDD / 8 x p (1MP).

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